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My Classroom

September 3, 2012

School starts tomorrow. Eek! I confess to lingering doubts about my preparedness. Are my lesson plans engaging? Will my schedule work? Will my first-day activities fall flat? But, there’s one area where I feel totally confident: my classroom setup and decor. It’s darling, if I do say so myself. Hey, at least there’s one area where I can already pat myself on the back. So, of course, I gotta share it with you.

This is the door to my classroom. I’m going with a detective theme this year since all kids enjoy a good mystery. And isn’t that what learning is anyway, uncovering clues to discover new things? I am not terribly artistic so I recruited my talented neighbor to create the detective. Outsourcing is good.

This is the view when you walk in the door to my classroom. Nothing brightens a room like a fresh coat of paint. I chose complementary greens, a lighter and a brighter green. Since this is the view the students look at, this wall features the softer green.

On the other hand, this is my view from the front of the room so these walls have the brighter green to keep me energized when the coffee wears off.

I only have seven students so I am using the extra cubbies for my teacher editions. Each of my cubbies is clearly labeled with my name and the subject it holds.

On the wall by the door is my job chart and Teacher’s Pet chart. I remember my daughter telling me, back in third grade when it was her turn to be Teacher’s Pet, how disappointed she was when the teacher wouldn’t use her for fun jobs like passing out papers or erasing the whiteboard. My list is positioned so I will easily see it from my desk, reminding me of my Teacher’s Pet. Each morning I will simply move the clothes pin to the name of the day’s TP.

Here, you can see my class rules. The blank bulletin board is waiting for science and writing info. The colored pencils and colored paper are for various activities to keep writing fun.

Since I teach at a Christian school, the kids learn about the Bible. I won’t use a formal Bible curriculum because A) a boring Bible curriculum is a great way to kill a kid’s enthusiasm for God and the Bible, and B) Bible is so easily incorporated into other subjects. (Not a taboo here. This ain’t public school, folks.)  God isn’t separate in real life; why should He be separate in school? The two posters will be helpful at the beginning of the year, especially since some of my kids have limited, if any, exposure to the Bible. One poster shows and categorizes all the different books that make up the Bible. The other explains how to use the Bible; it’s much like a dictionary. Hmm, that could be helpful with our dictionary work, as well.

I’m pretty proud of my curtains. Why? They’re king-sized pillow cases. No sewing! Note the quote above the window. I have four different quotes on the walls of the room. Cost me four bucks at the Dollar Store. Gotta love it.

And now for my piece de resistance: my classroom library. I’m pleased with what I was able to do with such limited space. The books are color-coded by genre. One of the jobs on my jobs list is “librarian.” This person will keep the library organized, and also has the privilege of choosing which books get displayed on the small wall shelves. I even managed to tie in the detective theme on the bulletin board. I love literature and can’t wait to share it with my students!

If you’re a teacher, what do you like best about your classroom?

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