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First Day of School – Brains and Water Bottles

September 5, 2012

After all the preparation, all the anticipation, my first day of teaching school is now history.

It couldn’t have gone much smoother. My husband brought me flowers. All the other teachers and parents were supportive and truly excited for me. I had enough material to keep the kids engaged. They even bought into the dorky chant and moves I made up to go with my class rules. And the kids were well behaved. Well, except for the boy who chucked his empty water bottle across the room. I pulled my stern face and told him that was a good way to lose the privilege, now go pick it up. He was a doll the rest of the day.

Does it always feel like all you’re doing is talking on the first day? Much like when I’m singing at a gig, I had to drink a lot of water just to keep my voice lubricated. Unlike a gig, where we take a set break every hour or so, I didn’t get as many opportunities to pee. One of the long-time teachers warned me that first-year teachers are prone to bladder infections. Now I know why.

My favorite moment of the day came mid-morning. Earlier, we had chatted about the amazing brains God gave us and how we honor Him by using them. One little girl raised her hand and informed the class that “when you learn something new your brain grows a new bump to hold the information.” Later, as we discussed a different subject, Water Bottle Boy jerked to attention, eyes wide. “I just grew a new bump!” he exclaimed.

Here’s to a year full of bumps.

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  1. I LOVE this! The little girl is sort of right. When you learn something new, myelin thickens along the nerves of the brain (at least, I THINK that’s how it works).

  2. No surprise here, Jill. We all knew how awesome you would be at this. I’m so happy for you and the water bottle boy who grew brains. Yay!

  3. I love the visual of our brains growing bumps when we learn! I’m going to tell my own kids this. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Rick permalink

    Teaching is an awesome thing to do! You are now a “keeper of the flame.”

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