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Second Week of School – The End of the Honeymoon

September 11, 2012

Well, it didn’t take long for the honeymoon to end.

Not that anyone is ready for a divorce. Far from it. But we’re settling into that space where we’re all realizing we’ll be living together for a long time. So everyone’s putting a little less effort into outward appearances, getting a little more comfortable on the couch.

How does that translate to third and fourth graders? It depends on the child. In one, it manifested itself in a sarcastic, disrespectful comment. In another, it was discarded shoes in the classroom. In yet another, it was leaving things at home two days in a row. And they all seem to concur that incessant chitter chatter is necessary.

But, it’s only the second week. I know much of it is simply a matter of more training on my part.

This whole training thing is a lot more exhausting than I thought. Perhaps it’s because I only have two children of my own, and they are different ages. (Please wait while I say a silent prayer of thanks that I didn’t have septuplets……Okay, I’m back.)

Still, much like in marriage, the end of the honeymoon marks the beginning of an opportunity to really get to know the hearts and personalities of these little people who’ve been entrusted to me for much of the day. And, they do really have sweet hearts. There’s the little girl who has already written a poem, inspired by today’s math lesson, that she wants to share with the class. There’s the imp who diligently marks up his own paper, happily correcting his mistakes. And the little doll who, after I chastised the whole class for talking during an assignment, came to me privately and apologized. Of course, I forgave her.

Let’s hope they are as willing to forgive my faults. Because, let’s face it, marriage is a two-way street.

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  1. kittysquilts permalink

    For some, “incessant chatter” is a necessity. Remember you mother spent most of first and second grade sitting outside the classroom door for just such a sin. I’m sure by third grade, that sin wasn’t irradiacated, but thankfully, my sweet teacher found better ways of dealing with it…….and me.

  2. I love this comparison! It’s so true.

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