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October 10, 2012

Today I’m patting myself on the back for being a first-year teacher now instead of twenty years ago. Why? It’s not because those extra twenty years have given me so much wisdom and insight. It’s not because I have so much more life experience to bring to the classroom. It’s because now I have the Internet.

It’s so much easier to draw on other teachers’ insight and creativity than it would have been even a decade ago. Not only are there educational websites where you can get lesson plans and worksheets, but there’s youtube for videos, blogs by teachers and homeschooling parents, and my favorite website for organizing all my online resources…Pinterest. I’m building boards for math, science, bulletin board ideas–pretty much anything I can incorporate into a lesson. You can check out my Pinterest boards here.

I thought you’d enjoy links to some of the sites I’ve used lately.

For our first literature book, Homer Price, I got some fun ideas from Delightful Learning, a homeschooling family’s site.

Now we’ve moved on to Island of the Blue Dolphins and I’ve found this page with several links to a variety of resources. I also plan to do the Ingenious Inventions activity on this page. I do have a literature guide to the book, but I’ve learned to check online for additional resources so I can have the widest variety of activities from which to choose.

Teach123 has a good blog full of resources from printable worksheets to links to other teacher blogs. I recommend following her Facebook page for her latest offerings.

Since I’m teaching cursive, this is a great site for making customized cursive or printing worksheets. I have created pages with our current Bible verse so the kids can practice their verse while solidifying their printing skills. I can also create review sheets of just the cursive letters we have learned.

Sometimes I’m overloaded with teaching ideas and I want something a little different. For that I check out TheRoomMom. She is a teacher, and also the Room Mom for one of her children’s classrooms. Her posts range from recipes for good grown-up school lunches, to lesson plans, to teacher gift ideas.

TeachersPayTeachers is the ultimate resource for great activity ideas and lesson plans. Everything on there has been developed and used by teachers. Many downloads are free. I like the idea that I’m supporting fellow teachers when I utilize this site.

How about you? What wonderful online resources have you found?


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  1. Thanks for the mention! I am honored! I have to admit, many of my ideas are inspired by the same types of things you mention– Pinterest, blogs, teacher websites. The Internet is a great jumping off point.

    Would love to know how your Island of the Blue Dolphins goes. I cry every year when I teach it, and we get to the point where (spoiler alert) Rontu dies. Do an internet search for “The Lone Woman of San Nicolas Island”. It’s the real story of the girl who inspired the novel (you may already have the information).

    • My kids are loving Island of the Blue Dolphins! I’m having them write journal entries as if they are Karana after every couple of chapters and they’re really connecting with her. Unfortunately, I forgot that chapter eight was when her brother dies so I assigned it to read at home. I wish we’d all been together when they got to that part. Although, several of them (even boys) confessed they cried, so maybe it was better they were home. My favorite comment was from a boy who said, “I was so upset I couldn’t go to bed. I had to read ‘Garfield’ before I could sleep!”

      Thanks for the head’s up on the “Lone Woman of San Nicolas Island.” I knew the story was based on a real woman, but I hadn’t heard her referred to as that name. It helped me find much more information.

  2. Good stuff!

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