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Family Whole30

February 18, 2015

I considered starting a new blog with this post. After all, what does my diet have to do with teaching? Nothing. And everything. Because it’s teaching (or, rather, the stress of adjusting to a challenging new career and a sort of mourning that I now work-full-time-when-I-was-a-perfectly-content-stay-at-home-mom) that is partially responsible for the current state of affairs. And because if all the hype is correct, after doing Whole30 I’ll have more energy, clarity, health, happiness, and fairy dust sprinkling everything I touch.

What is my current state of affairs, you ask? In a word…chubby. I’m heavier than I’ve ever been other than when I was pregnant. And I’m not all that far away from that weight. Being heavy makes me uncomfortable. Unhappy. Self conscious. And I DO NOT LIKE IT, Sam-I-Am! So, I’m doing something about it.

And dragging my family along with me.

I presented my case to the family last night, after first talking with my husband and getting him (grudgingly) on board. I was even nervous enough–and nerd enough–to write up an outline so I could hit all the points I wanted to make. Things like: we’ll “reboot” our bodies and get them and our digestion working properly again; we’ll have more energy (I reminded one daughter that she’s just starting rehearsals for the school play and the other one that she’s considering track); we’ll eliminate cravings for sugar and bread (current staples of our diet.)

The reasons I want to do this as a family are: we’ll feel like a team; we’ll commiserate and celebrate together; and we can support each other. And, although I didn’t tell them this one, it will be easier for me to stick to this thing if I have to set the example for everyone and I don’t have non-Whole30 foods sitting around the house.

My eldest bought in. Even my exchange student is giving it a go. The jury is still out on my youngest. I guess I’ll find out when she gets up and wants breakfast. Of course, the bread, cereal, and milk have already mysteriously disappeared so it may force her hand.

At least for breakfast.

As the leader of this journey I even got up and made breakfast for my husband and exchange student this morning. Sweet potato hash and eggs. It’s mid-winter break so we have five days to figure this out before we’re all back at school and they’re on their own for breakfast.

According to this Whole30 Timeline, today ought to feel great. And, yes, I am feeling positive in that today-is-the-first-day-of-the-rest-of-my-life way. I’m doing this thing! I’m going to be slim and beautiful! I’m going to be healthy and fit! I’m going to kick some a$$! (In a positive, can’t-keep-me-down sort of way. No bar room brawls for me.)

I plan to hold onto that positive feeling as long as I can. Like, until the sugar withdrawals set in. Which ought to be in a few hours.

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