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Family Whole30 Check-In Day 9

February 27, 2015

We’re into our second week on the Whole30 and, while we all agree it’s been easier than we thought, it’s still been a lot of work transitioning Whole30 into real life.

My kids are starting to get sick of eggs, so breakfast is presenting more of a challenge. The book this whole plan is based on, It Starts With Food, recommends thinking of your meals as Meal One, Meal Two, and Meal Three so you don’t get locked into limiting yourself to foods you traditionally thought as breakfast-y. But my kids just roll their eyes at this trick. I don’t blame them. Who wants to eat roast beef or pad Thai for breakfast? (But the egg portion from the pad Thai recipe mentioned here makes a wonderful breakfast “pancake” when served with berries.)

Yesterday I was hit with a sudden wave of fatigue right after lunch. My energy level had been fine while I ate my salmon lunch during my teacher meeting. Then I went back to class and was hit by the kind of mental fog and fatigue usually reserved for a Monday morning when I’ve stayed up too late watching Downton Abbey and any related videos offered on the PBS website. It took every ounce of strength and professionalism I had not to tell my students to read The Secret Garden on their own and wake me up when they’d finished the book. That would have been a great nap. They were on chapter three.

According to the Whole30 timeline, I’m only a day off schedule. The title for days 6-7 is “I Just Want a Nap.” Today I’ve moved on to Day 8-9: “For the love of Gosling, my pants are TIGHTER!” Of course the bloating didn’t come on until I was sitting around with all my skinnier-than-me friends at book club. They’d had lentil soup, salad, crackers and hummus, shrimp dip, BREAD. All I’d had was the salad. Yet I was the one sitting with my arms crossed over my belly wondering if Tums is Whole30 approved.

Still, we all feel healthier, our food is yummy and attractive, and my scale is going in the right direction. My youngest (you remember, the one who wanted to buy the goldfish crackers on our first day so we’d have them when this whole thing is over?) is heading to a birthday slumber party tomorrow with the intention of staying true to the program. (“I can have a Lara bar instead of cake.”) And my eldest took off on a four-day band trip today with a bag full of food supplies as her Whole30 backup plan. I’m proud of them.


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