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Family Whole30 Check-In Day 13

March 3, 2015

Day 13 of the Whole30 and holding strong. My eldest made it through her four-day band trip without too much trouble. A few friends teased her about withering away to nothing, but then, they were guys whose life isn’t complete without two cheeseburgers per meal. The girls who roomed with her, who saw practically everything she put in her mouth, actually commented on how much she ate.

My thirteen year-old called me from the birthday party. Remember, the one where she was going to have a Lara Bar instead of cake? They didn’t have cake. They had build-your-own sundaes. I don’t know many thirteen year-olds who could turn that down, including mine. But guess what? When I picked her up she told me that not only was the sundae not as good as she thought it would be–“It’s not that they didn’t have good stuff. It probably tasted like it always did, I just didn’t like it as much.”–but she also didn’t feel very good after she ate it. I confess, I was thrilled.

Now, though, she’s a little worried because she’s in a play at the end of the month where she has to eat. She’s Goldilocks of The Three Bears fame. She’s afraid of feeling sick onstage. I think the director has her convinced that she’ll have to eat a lot more than she actually will. There’s only so much food you can really eat while acting and saying lines. Watch Downton Abbey. All those scenes around the table, and when do you actually see anyone put a bite of food in their mouth? I rest my case.

They sip wine and cut meat, but when do you ever actually see these actors take a bite?

They sip wine and cut meat, but when do you ever actually see these actors take a bite?

The thing that’s getting to me with this new way of eating is the constant flow of dishes piling up in the kitchen. Pouring a bowl of cereal was so much simpler than cutting vegetables, cooking meat, scrambling eggs. And that’s just breakfast. We’re constantly running out of clean cutting boards and counter space. And when we don’t keep up with emptying the dishwasher and putting dirty dishes directly in it, we don’t have room for meal prep. The kids help, but I’m tired of having to ask, and the whole “Feel free to notice what needs to be done and do it before you’re asked” point hasn’t produced results. I’m thinking of implementing a system along the lines of how I keep track of whose turn it is to be Teacher’s Pet in class. I’ll post when I figure it out.

Last, a few days ago my weight started going UP. Yes, I know, you’re not supposed to weigh yourself on Whole30, probably so you don’t freak out when this kind of thing happens. But as wonderful as this will be for my health, energy level, blah, blah, I primarily started this journey because I want to look good. And that means losing fat. (And, no, I haven’t been doing a lot of weight training that could result in more muscle which weighs more than fat. I know all that! This isn’t more muscle.) Fortunately, it was only a pound and it’s heading back down after three days, but I’m going to keep my eye on the scale, Whole30 rules or no. Because if the number on the scale is going to keep going up I may as well be enjoying a fresh-baked bagel, or at least a glass of Cabernet.


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