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Family Whole30 finished…almost

March 22, 2015

Well, we did it. We completed our Family Whole30. Now we are in the ten day process of introducing some food groups back into our diet to see how our bodies respond. Yesterday was legumes. Now it’s back to two days of Whole30 eating before we can try non-gluten grains.

I wish I could report that I feel like a totally new person after thirty days of Whole30 eating. Some people report incredible energy AKA Tiger Blood, clear eyes, glowing skin, drastic weight loss. I, alas, can report non of that. However, that doesn’t mean I’m dissatisfied with my results or that I don’t think this experiment was a success. I did lose nine pounds, which is a great jump start to my much-needed weight loss. (My husband lost in the double digits. Bastard. I say that lovingly.) I also fall asleep faster than I used to. I feel healthier. And I never had to hide a single thing that I ate this past month. (Unlike the hidden wrappers for Oreos and Reese’s peanut butter cups that I stumbled upon from my pre-Whole30 days.)

Best of all, the whole process was remarkably easy. Sure, the first week was challenging to figure out what to make for meals. But we all quickly figured out what worked for us and what we liked. I enjoyed the food I ate. I easily resisted sweets. And I can see myself continuing to eat this way, for the most part.

One of the nice side effects of doing this is that I have, without setting out to do so, inspired others to try it. That feels good.

I thought I’d end this post with one of my favorite breakfasts. Breakfast seems to be the meal that Whole30 folks struggle with a lot. It’s easy to get sick of eggs. And, yes, these “crepes” are eggs, but you’d never know it. They’re made with eggs, coconut aminos, and cinnamon. That’s all. Sometimes I add a mashed banana and splash of coconut milk.

My favorite Whole30 breakfast.

My favorite Whole30 breakfast.

I ate this several times a week and will continue to do so. Yummy!


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  1. why is it that men always lose more by doing exactly the same thing? so frustrating! I’m glad you gave an honest review of how you felt after whole 30, I sometimes wonder if people feel like they HAVE to say it was life changing.
    xoxo K

    • I know! I always found it so frustrating that I would work hard to lose just five pounds, when all my husband had to do was watch what he ate for a few days. Geez! But, after reading my post my husband did the math and calculated that we actually lost about the same amount, percentage-wise. That made me feel a little better. 🙂

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