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Parent / Teacher Conferences

March 27, 2015

I finished my parent/teacher conferences today. That’s always a good thing to get through. Now that I’ve been doing this for three years, I feel like I have it down and don’t get nervous like I did my first year. Still, each student is unique and there are always new things to tackle. For example, I had my first experience recommending retention to a parent. Not an easy thing to do, but I felt good about how I presented it and the parent took it graciously, although whether she will heed the suggestion remains to be seen.

I also have a few students struggling academically, so I recommended supplemental resources for the summer. This year, though, I actually took screen shots from of specific workbooks that I thought would be useful for the students. I printed out the picture of the workbook and gave it to the parents. They seemed appreciative to have something specific to look for rather than me leaving it to them to Google “summer workbook” and wade through all the choices.

Meanwhile, I’m still in the process of reintroducing foods from my Whole30. Today was dairy, and boy was I excited to have cream in my coffee. Imagine my disappointment when I got to school and discovered there was no creamer! But my sweet husband surprised me with a latte.

No side effects so far from anything I’ve eaten. I’m not surprised. I’m made of hearty Norwegian stock and can eat anything. Which has been my problem. Which is why I’ll probably stick with Whole30 eating for the most part, even once this official process is finished.


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